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Horror Bathroom

The rich girl Cui Wei was attacked by a “water ghost” in the bathroom, panicked and stunned. From time to time, there were strange shadows drifting through the villas, and disturbing sounds came from the window, and the bathroom became a place where the family was discouraged. Is the mother’s suicide soul returning to create trouble, or is the father’s remorse mentality leading to abnormal behavior, or is it just a dream? After many people’s investigations, all of this is related to the sluts and friends of the beautiful girl’s father… It is the revenge of the deceased, or the curse of the living, screaming, the bathroom mystery is looking forward to the ultimate answer.

Genre: Horror

Actors: Liu Guoguang, Song Tianyi, Wu Yang

Directors: Lu Shiyu


Duration: 90 Menit

Quality:  HD

Release Date: 09 October 2018

Countries: China